All surgical services

List of all Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery services performed by Dr. Ozeri

1. Simple tooth or root extraction

2. Complicated tooth or root extraction under analgesia/anesthesia gnr.

3. Extraction with ostectomy of a tooth

4. Extraction of the 3rd molar

5. Extraction of the 3rd molar in dysodontiasis

6. Extraction of tooth or root in bone inclusion (partial/total)

7. Osteo-mucosal escapement of included tooth Rhizotomy

8. Ferule fixation of dislocated dental elements

9. Artificial fistula (marsupialization)

10. Apicectomy without root canal treatment

11. Surgery for hyperostosis, osteomas (palatine torus, mandibular torus), etc.

12. Pre-prosthetic surgery (bone grafts and sinus lift)

13. fornix reconstruction / fornix reconstruction with dermo-epidermal graft

14. Leveling of alveolar ridges, elimination of mucosal synechiae

15. Alveolar ridge augmentation using alloplastic materials

16. Intervention for ranula

17. Surgery for jaw cysts

18. Surgery for necrosis and circumscribed osteitis of the maxillae

19. Surgery for necrosis and diffuse osteitis of the maxillae

20. Emptying of hematomas

21. Debridement and incision of osteoflemmone, perimaxillary adenoflemmone

22. Removal of foreign bodies from the tissues of the oral cavity and face.

23. Mucosal plastics: oronasal or oro-antral communications.

24. Mucosal plastics with rotation flap

25. Radical sinus surgery (Caldwell-Luc) for odontogenic cysts and sinusitis

26. Sinus opening by the alveolar route

27. Closure of oro-antral fistula

28. Removal of benign tumors of the paranasal sinuses.

29. Removal of salivary duct stones

30. Salivary duct catheterization

31. Operation for fistula of the ductus stenone

32. Submaxillary salivary gland removal by endoral route.

33. External submaxillary salivary gland removal

34. Parotid abscess incision

35. Salivary fistula closure

36. Enucleation of parotid gland tumors

37. Partial parotidectomy with preservation of the facial nerve

38. Total parotidectomy

39. Total parotidectomy with preservation of the facial nerve

40. Removal of mucosal cysts or small benign neoplasms of the tongue, cheeks, lip or oral floor

41. Surgical therapy of dislocation of the mandible

42. TMJ arthrocentesis

43. Coronoidectomy

44. Meniscectomy

45. Condylectomy

46. Arthroplasty

47. Osteoarthrotomy (TMJ ankylosis)

48. Maxillary fracture surgical therapy

49. Orthopedic therapy

50. Osteosynthesis

51. Bone restraint using mini-plates

52. Fracture of the zygomatic bridge

53. Fractures of the nalar bone

54. Surgical therapy of maxillofacial malformations (progenism, prognathism, mandibular laterodeviation, morsus apertus, micrognathiae,lower and upper retrusions) excluding orthopedic restraint

55. Mentoplasty of advancing, retreating, lowering, etc.

56. Dermal-epidermal graft in the oral cavity

57. Lingual volume reduction (plastic).

58. Alloplastic grafts for facial dysmorphia

59. In situ flap shaping

60. Dermal-epidermal graft for coverage of limited cruciform surfaces of the Face

61. Sliding plastics

62. Correction of loss of skin substance by rotation flaps

63. Correction of facial scars Aesthetic suturing of facial skin wounds (and buccal mucosa)

64. Plastics for facial paralysis: static or dynamic

65. Myoplasms

66. Racket setup or autonomization

67. Z-shaped plastic

68. Surgery for angiomas

69. Plasticity of the orbital cavity

70. Reconstructive lip plastics

71. Permanent tarsorrhaphy

72. Rhinoplasties + septal plastics

73. Correction of saddle nose

74. Reduction of nasal fractures

75. Reconstruction of nasal pyramid

76. Unilateral labioschisis

77. Bilateral labioschisis

78. Adult cleft palate by bone grafting

79. Labioalveoloschisis

80. Correction of L.P.S. outcomes.

81. Correction of nose from L.P.S.

82. Plastic of palatine fistula

83. Surgery for cysts and congenital fistulas

84. Fistula auris

85. Frontal sinus surgery by external route (exclusion).

86. Biopsy collection: of skin and mucosa or bone

87. Removal of superficial mucosal and cutaneous tumors (sebaceous cysts, fibroids, fibropapillomatosis, etc.).

88. Surgery for noncancerous lesions of the lip.

89. Cysts and fistulas of the neck

90. Leukoplakia

91. Labial neoplasia

92. Surgical removal of odontogenic tissue tumors.

93. Removal of small tumors of the face

94. Simple blepharoplasty/blepharopexy/blepharoplasty with armed grafts

95. Rhytidectomy (face lift)

96. Otoplasty

97. Restorative surgery of cosmetic and aesthetic-functional damage from plastic surgery procedures

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