Aesthetic Chin Surgery

What is mentoplasty

Mentoplasty or genioplasty, also known as chin reshaping surgery, is a fairly common procedure in patients undergoing surgeries aimed at giving the face a more harmonious appearance (Profiloplasty).

Some patients present with unsightly features in the chin region that in defect or excess, soft tissue, bone tissue (facial skeleton), or both. After careful planning, Dr. Ozeri as a Maxillofacial Surgeon schedules the skeletal displacements of the chin region necessary in order to achieve a better facial aesthetic result.

Cosmetic cheekbone surgery, on the other hand, allows the volume to be increased and the shape of the malar region to be changed either by using the patient’s own tissues (skeletal surgery) or by using synthetic material. The postoperative period for both surgeries is pain-free.

NOTE: In smokers, the healing time is usually prolonged and the risk of complications is higher.

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