Zygomatic implants

Dr. Eitan Ozeri, is one of the few Maxillofacial Surgery specialists in Italy to place the innovative zygomatic implants. This is a procedure that Dr. Ozeri safely performs under local anesthesia, albeit with the presence of a Specialist Anesthesiologist. Dr. Ozeri uses the best material offered in the field produced by Nobel Biocare.

Zygomatic implants are now the best alternative to bone grafting in cases of severe upper jaw (upper arch) atrophy. Patients in whom the ranking technique of placing bone grafts was contraindicated (severe osteoporosis, outcomes of tumor demolition surgery, outcomes of severe facial trauma, etc.) find benefit with this technique.

Zygomatic implants within a few days of their placement allow those who do not have sufficient bone at the upper jaw to place a fixed prosthesis with immediate loading, avoiding the long recovery time that was required after placement of traditional bone grafts (e.g., sinus lift).

What are zygomatic implants?
These are implants that anchor to the zygomatic process and on which the
so-called “immediate load” (within 72 hours after surgery).

What are the advantages of zygomatic implants?
With one surgery, the problem is solved;
The reduced convalescence time: within 3 days after the procedure you have the fixed provisional prosthesis, which allows for very high functional and esthetic comfort;
High probability of success: between 98 and 100 percent;
Edema and postoperative pain are very low;
Ability to use the patient’s old denture as a temporary prosthesis.

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